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Adeyoh gives you a place to save and share your favorite web links, in a way that can get profitable. We have more than 27 communities for you to find like-minded, and publish your content where it'll be appreciated. Join us to do the following:

  • Submit Links to Your Web Content so Your Fans Can Sponsor You
  • Vote on, and sponsor links that interest you
  • Earn money when someone sponsors a link that you've shared with them
  • Join and create interest groups within your favorite communities
  • Show your published and sponsored links on your profile.
  • View your voting and comment activity from your control panel
  • Also keep an eye on the stats and activity of the links you share, so you'll know which links to sponsor

Adeyoh is a Fan sponsored web publishing community, designed to further democratize the internet by eliminating the web's dependence upon corporate sponsorships.

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