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What is Adeyoh.com?

Adeyoh is a Fan-sponsored web publishing community, designed to further democratize the internet by eliminating its dependence upon corporate sponsorships

With a v on the end of our name, you have the Cherokee word for revolution,adeyohv.


Here, you can:

Publish Links to Your Web Content – Publish your links within communities they’ll be appreciated in to find those who’ll vote on, share, and sponsor your links. Your fans can actually keep an eye on the stats when they share your link and then go on to sponsor it for a dollar, in exchange for seeing their name posted beneath your link for a certain number of impressions. And if your link has the most sponsorships of all the links in the community you published it in for the month, you and your content are given a spot in our yearly event called the Adeyoh Expo. Your fans can also “vote” for your links if they think they’re cool, and if your link gets the highest vote, it gets the top spot in the community you published, and in your fan’s Adeyoh widgets.


Earn Money – On Adeyoh, if you are User A, and you share a link with B, and B shares with C, and C with D, and D with E, the owner of that link will give you 10% of B through E’s sponsorship. And, of course, when a link that belongs to you gets sponsored, you keep 50% every time because sponsors are paying you to display their username and avatar as a sponsor beneath your link; we just take care of all the technical stuff. All earnings on Adeyoh can be cashed out, or used to sponsor other Links.


Sponsor Your Favorite Links – When you see a link to web content you like and think the world should hear about it, you can share it and then sponsor it for a dollar. By doing this, we help the web content most supported and shared by the people climb to the top in a way that actually makes a difference, not only in the lives of those who’ve created it, but also for those of you who spread the word.


Build Widgets and Embed Them Anywhere – Build a widget and fill it with links that are relevant to your web content, or links that you just think are cool. You can then embed it on your blog, website, or social network profile. When people see your widget, they can “vote” for the links they think are cool to get them to the top spot. Or, when someone clicks on one of the links in your widget and goes on to sponsor it, you will be compensated as though you shared that link with that person.


Create a Profile – From your profile you can post your personal or company info, moderate a forum, connect with likeminded, post your social networking info, and share with the world all the links that you’ve published, voted on, and sponsored.


Join and Get Active in Our Communities – We have more than twenty five interest-based communities where you’ll find content relevant to you. As a member of a community, you can publish your content and events where they’ll be appreciated, and attract your fan sponsors. You can also form groups within the communities to come together around certain content or for anything else. If you really believe in what’s happening within a community, you can sponsor the community itself, and we’ll post your profile avatar in the “community sponsors” column.



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